Galvanized and black lightwall threadable pipe.

Hydraulics & Economy

XL®/BLT® – M-Coat® pipe offers the greatest hydraulic advantage of any threadable sprinkler pipe on the market. When coupled with Dyna-Flow® pipe its larger inside diameter can dramatically improve flow characteristics, which enables it to be down-sized within the system, increasing the potential for job cost savings. It is designed for use in wet, dry, preaction and deluge systems.

The products fit into the light wall threadable pipe category, which is known as an exceptionally strong class of sprinkler pipe. Although it has a lesser wall thickness, the cold-forming process through which it is manufactured gives the pipe the mechanical strength characteristics similar to other products in the category. The product also features excellent fabrication characteristics for end prep finishes, welding and roll grooving without the need for special processes.

Superior Coating

XL® is manufactured with an exterior galvanized coating while BLT® is black lacquer coated. Both exterior finishes offer a clean, durable surface ready for paint for custom color applications without special preparation.

Able to meet “Buy American” requirements, and is available through distributors in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Specifications & Approvals

XL®/BLT® pipe is manufactured to meet ASTM A-135, Type E Grade A for fire sprinkler applications up to 300 psi in working pressure. Both products are UL listed for wet, dry, preaction and deluge systems and FM approved for wet sprinkler systems. XL®/BLT® is cUL listed for wet, dry and preaction systems. All threaded and welded fittings are approved in accordance with NFPA 13.

NPS inNPS mmNominal I.D. inNominal I.D. mmWt. Lbs/FtWt. kg/mWt. (H20 Filled) Lbs/FtWt. (H20 Filled) kg/mCRR UnthreadedCRR Threaded
*only available in XL®
1 1/4"321.45236.91.462.32.253.354.630.17
1 1/2"401.68742.81.762.82.844.234.830.18
2 1/2"*652.58165.